Mission Statement

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Mission Statement :
Black Shoppers Union is an advocate for Black Shoppers.

Our mission is to:

    * Provide information and resources
    * Advocate for legislative, consumer and legal issues
    * Educate the Black Shopper
    * Raise the quality and lower the prices of goods and services purchased by members of the Black Shoppers Union in their communities

When You Join BlackShoppersUnion You Will:

Be eligible for a shoppers union pension/housing plan: Rebate and Debit Card shop to support your pension plan. Sell non-commercial household items on the rapid selling, three highest, lowest bid or three lowest highest bid Flea Auction Market. Collectively, purchase at greatly reduced prices big ticket items. Apply for jobs at union organized stores at this web site. Purchase your ( in the face ) union shopping bag to remind merchants you are not alone anymore.

    * be able to send articles to the Black Shoppers Union newsletter.
    * be able to sell your items in The Flea Auction Market  

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Remember: A union of shoppers is more powerful than a union of workers Newsletter Information:

Newsletter Information:

Black Shoppers Union is asking its Power Shoppers to

Submit articles to the Black Shoppers Union Newsletter for publication on the internet. Articles such as:

    * shopping for food on a limited budget
    * best stores to window shop
    * shopping for a loved one
    * never shopping in stores that disrespect the Black Shopper
    * specific topics of interest to the Black Shopper

Power Shopping: A union of shoppers buying collectively can impact any market!

The Benefits of Power shopping for Self and Community:


    * Organizing against merchants who cheat and disrespect the Black Shopper.
    * Bargaining collectively for the Black shoppers union members and their community in the area of pricing, accessibility, sales notification, quality of goods sold in the community, eliminating goods harmful to our children.
    * Getting business to post a Black Shoppers Union Bulletin Board in stores that recognize the Black Shoppers Union.
    * Shopping from a Black Shoppers Union registry of business that treats black consumers and Black Shoppers Union members equitably.
    * Collectively buying big-ticket items such as cars, refrigerators, homes, etc., to greatly reduce the price the individual Black Shoppers Union members pay.
    * Networking to publish a list of consumer lawyers who agree to a low fee or no fee agreement in order to pursue justifiable lawsuits against merchants who cheat or otherwise who violate the rights of Black shopper Union members and community members.
    * Acquiring suitable spaces for community centers where black teenagers can go after school or weekends in a safe supervised environment and where community activists can meet.
    * Initiating shopping boycotts and other lawful shopping union actions against merchants who cheat and disrespect Black shoppers Union members and community members.